CNC Machining Materials

All these materials are available in the Cad and Cart Instant Quoting Engine. If you require a different, material please specify it as custom when you make a request.
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Name Description Price View Grade
PLAHigh stiffness, good detail, affordable. View
ResinHigh detail and smooth surface, injection mold-like prototyping. View
ABSCommodity plastic, improved mechanical and thermal properties compared to PLA. View
NylonUsed to substitute functional injection moulded parts, good chemical resistance. View
PETGGood for mechanical parts with high impact resistance and flexibility. View
TPURubber-like material, suitable for tubes, grips, seals and gaskets. View
ASAUV stability and high chemical resistance, preferred material for outdoor applications. View
PEIEngineering plastic, high performance applications, flame retardant. View